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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

The most common sports-related injuries include cartilage tears, ligament ruptures in the knee, and shoulder or knee pain. If you have an existing injury, we can examine a wide range of treatment options to determine which one is right for you. Valletta Orthopaedics offers comprehensive sports medicine services including the diagnosis and treatment of athletic injuries. Regardless of the level of the athlete – recreational, high school, college, and professionals – we strive to provide the highest quality, state-of-the-art health care services. A testament to the quality of our practice is the large number of high-level athletes that we’ve successfully treated and returned to peak performance. Our network of physical therapists can also help you to prevent future injuries by working with you on exercises to help you regain your contact2strength and flexibility. We have had a profound impact on the training and exercise routines of professional athletes in nearly every type of sport. As a result of many years providing specialized treatment Valletta Orthopaedics has succeeded in meeting the standards not only of the professional athlete, but also of many people from all walks of life who have entrusted us with their rehabilitation.

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