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Foot & Ankle

The foot and ankle provide a foundation and bear the weight of the entire body. Keeping the patient’s feet and ankles free of pain will allow them greater mobility and freedom to pursue activities they enjoy. Patients experience a number of foot and ankle problems including bunions, heel pain, neuromas, hammertoes, and flat feet all of which can result in severe pain. Foot and ankle pain can make a patient feel tired and irritable, often interfering with the ability to perform many of the daily tasks we take for granted. Many factors contribute to the cause of pain in the foot and ankle including poorly fitting shoes, heredity, aging and disease.

Athletes and dancers sometimes experience unique foot and ankle problems related to the stress on these joints while participating in practice and events. Dr. Damion Valletta and his team have experience in correcting and/or preventing foot and ankle injury for these active individuals. Options to relieve foot and ankle discomfort include non-surgical solutions. Following a thorough evaluation, our team can suggest such options as medications, steroid injections, specific exercises, shoe inserts, foot pads, and walking casts. For foot and ankle problems not relieved by conservative treatment, surgery is an option.

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