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About the Practice

Valletta Orthopaedics is dedicated to providing the highest quality of orthopaedic care. In addition to treating immediate or chronic problems we focus on prevention and perform comprehensive structural examinations to identify muscle imbalances, strength and flexibility deficits, as well as early arthritic conditions. Customized interventional rehabilitation programs are then designed to prevent future difficulties.


We take most insurance plans. Please contact your insurance provider to better understand your benefits with our office.

Priority Care Visit

Over the years, patients have requested a cash option for our services with enhanced access solutions. The Priority Care Visit is designed to meet the needs of those patients. The visit offers a set price for both simple orthopaedic issues and complex (i.e. spine related problems). The package will include the office visit and 2 X-rays views for simple and 5 views for complex.

Here is a breakdown of the fees:

Simple Visit – $250
Complex Visit – $375

When you use Priority Care Visit, you are making an investment in your well-being. The highest quality orthopaedic care you need at a fair price allowing improved access to all patients through simplified, direct patient to provider services. All medical services provided by Valletta Orthopaedics are Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible. Please contact our office at 858-657-0000 for more information.

TeleOrtho Visits

At Valletta Orthopaedics, we combine expert care with advanced technology to meet your every health care need. And we’re proud to provide telemedicine visits to help you get care when and where you need it. If you have an orthopaedic concern or need a follow-up appointment — and you’d like to save a trip to the doctor’s office — a phone visit might be the ideal option. Plus, you’ll be able to have your appointment from wherever is most convenient for you.

Here is a breakdown of the fees:

New Patient – $250

Follow up
5 – 10 minutes – $65
11 – 20 minutes – $105
21 – 30 minutes – $175

Please contact our office at 858-657-0000 for more information regarding TeleOrtho Visits.